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Psykologinsats is a knowledge based consultancy firm within the area of Human Behavior.

We strive to create better performances at our clients and partners. We strive to create more effecive organizations where each individual can use their full potential. We strive to create a behaviour oriented, clear and less arbitrary leadership. We strive to create utility in our clients and partners.

We use principles from the science of behaviour psychology to obtain desired results for individuals, groups och organizations. At clinical work and therapy our method is Cognitive Behaviour Thearapy. We focus on the behaviour and the result and regard behaviour as the one most critical thing that leads to development - individual as well as organizational.

Psykologinsats was established in 1985. We are active in the public as well as the private sector and have performed assignments in Sweden, the Nordic region, parts of Europe and in the United States.

Special competence within the clinical area can be provided in Obsesive Compulsion Disorder (OCD), anxiety disorders, rumination, phobias, supervision of different treatment measures for the mentally retarded (who also are deaf or deafblind as well), treatment for school children with severe behaviour problems and juvenile delinquency.

We strive to contribute with knowledge to make individuals and organizations to function better. Books we have written in Swedish include; How to Understand and Control Behavior - behavior analysis in general; Treatment of Self Injurious Behavior; Cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety disorders such as OCD, panic disorder, social phobias etc. Our latest book was published in Nov. 2007 and is written on the subject of rumination, containing a functional analysis and methods to stop it.

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